Autofocus on window hover.

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Fri Apr 25 18:37:54 UTC 2008

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Subject: Autofocus on window hover.
From: Luca <lucafbb at>
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Date: 04/25/2008 11:07 AM

> Hi all.
>>From some month I enabled a sort of autofocus feature in my kubuntu
> 7.10. Every time that the mouse move on a window, this window take
> focus. I really don't know how this is possible! I remember only that
> I was playing with compiz effects, but removing/disabling all change
> nothing.
> Today I upgraded to 8.04 hoping that this erase this unwanted
> problem... but nothing changed!
> Anyone can help me finding what is going on in my system?! Thanks!

K->System Settings->Window Behavior->Focus Policy drop down

select "Click to Focus"

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