Klaptopdaemon / Battery Monitor

Rick Knight rick_knight at rlknight.com
Tue Apr 22 17:39:11 BST 2008

Jonas Norlander wrote:
> 2008/4/21 Rick Knight <rick_knight at rlknight.com>:
>> I'm not sure if I have the right tools here, but on my laptop (Compaq
>>  nc8230) I used to get a battery monitor on the task bar. This battery
>>  monitor was available with Dapper and Feisty and I think with Dapper's
>>  predecessor, but not in Gutsy. Klaptopdaemon is installed and I've also
>>  installed kdeutils, but I can't seem to get the battery monitor. Can
>>  someone here tell me what to do to get the battery monitor back?
>>  Thanks,
>>  Rick
> Hi
> I don't think this has to do Klaptopdaemon or kde-guidance-powermanager.
> I would check that acpid is running and working and that the right drivers
> is loaded. Try to search the log files for something related to acpi.
> Make sure that acpi is activated in BIOS and not disabled in GRUB.
> What modules do you have loaded? Do you have battery module?
> What entries do you have in /proc/acpi speciall /proc/acpi/battery/
> / Jonas

Here's the actual content of the files in /proc/acpi/battery...

root at rick-laptop:~# grep -r "" /proc/acpi/battery/*
/proc/acpi/battery/C170/alarm:present:                 no
/proc/acpi/battery/C170/state:present:                 no
/proc/acpi/battery/C170/info:present:                 no
/proc/acpi/battery/C171/alarm:alarm:                   unsupported
/proc/acpi/battery/C171/state:present:                 yes
/proc/acpi/battery/C171/state:capacity state:          ok
/proc/acpi/battery/C171/state:charging state:          charged
/proc/acpi/battery/C171/state:present rate:            0 mA
/proc/acpi/battery/C171/state:remaining capacity:      3738 mAh
/proc/acpi/battery/C171/state:present voltage:         16668 mV
/proc/acpi/battery/C171/info:present:                 yes
/proc/acpi/battery/C171/info:design capacity:         3764 mAh
/proc/acpi/battery/C171/info:last full capacity:      3764 mAh
/proc/acpi/battery/C171/info:battery technology:      rechargeable
/proc/acpi/battery/C171/info:design voltage:          14400 mV
/proc/acpi/battery/C171/info:design capacity warning: 189 mAh
/proc/acpi/battery/C171/info:design capacity low:     38 mAh
/proc/acpi/battery/C171/info:capacity granularity 1:  100 mAh
/proc/acpi/battery/C171/info:capacity granularity 2:  100 mAh
/proc/acpi/battery/C171/info:model number:            Primary
/proc/acpi/battery/C171/info:serial number:           16425 2005/05/26
/proc/acpi/battery/C171/info:battery type:            LIon
/proc/acpi/battery/C171/info:OEM info:                Hewlett-Packard

It looks like the battery has been detected.


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