Klaptopdaemon / Battery Monitor

Derek Broughton news at pointerstop.ca
Tue Apr 22 15:19:03 UTC 2008

Rick Knight wrote:
> I am running kde-guidance and kde-guidance-powermanager.
> Guidance-power-manager is the backend for those.

kde-guidance is not involved in the power management at all.  For some odd
reason it actually depends on kde-guidance-powermanager, but it is a bunch
of kcontrol components (and kubuntu doesn't even use kcontrol, though I
expect they're also available through System Settings).

> It's also, I believe, 
> the command line tool for kde-guidance.

kde-guidance isn't involved in power management.

> Anyway, I am running kde-guidance, 

Then _don't_.  It's not involved.  There may be useful things in
kde-guidance but it has nothing to do with this problem.

> but I don't get any battery status, 

> just the cpu frequency. I have noticed that powersaved 

Powersaved is _also_ not part of the default kubuntu install and seems
likely to interfere with the guidance-power-manager (which also does

> and acpid don't start properly. 

Arrgh.  What sort of error description is "don't start properly"?  That's
the root problem, and you just treat it as insignificant.  Can you tell I'm
getting frustrated?

> I have to manually start powersaved first and then start 
> acpid before I can get kde-guidance to show the cpu frequency, but still
> no battery status.

Forget powersaved - at least for now - and tell us exactly what happens when
you start acpid.

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