KDE4 or stay with KDE3

D. Michael McIntyre michael.mcintyre at rosegardenmusic.com
Tue Apr 22 00:03:37 UTC 2008

On Monday 21 April 2008, p.daniels wrote:
> helping build the future of the free desktop. I want bugs and unfinished
> functionality and general havok, because I want to be the one to report
> them and help get us to the future.

It's great that there are people like you out there willing to do the job.

Myself, I'm probably sticking with KDE3 until they finish the panel in KDE4, 
and add more available widgets.  KDE4 with KDE3's kicker works nicely, but 
sort of defeats the whole purpose of trying to get along with KDE4 in the 
first place.

It has a lot of potential, but my sense is that I probably won't make that 
switch for another year or more at the rate things have gone since the .0 

I have my own project to deal with, and it's a lot easier to get people to 
help and test something like KDE4 than it is Rosegarden.  I wish them the 
best of luck though.  It's a monumental task they have before them, and it 
will probably turn out to have been worth the effort.

> Try it! It's not like KDE3 is going away, it'll be there if you want to go
> back.

This is true.  You can even play with KDE4 applications from the comfort of 
D. Michael McIntyre 

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