Klaptopdaemon / Battery Monitor

Derek Broughton news at pointerstop.ca
Mon Apr 21 22:25:15 UTC 2008

Rick Knight wrote:

> Derek Broughton wrote:
>> Rick Knight wrote:
>>> I'm not sure if I have the right tools here, but on my laptop (Compaq
>>> nc8230) I used to get a battery monitor on the task bar. This battery
>>> monitor was available with Dapper and Feisty and I think with Dapper's
>>> predecessor, but not in Gutsy. Klaptopdaemon is installed and I've also
>>> installed kdeutils, but I can't seem to get the battery monitor. Can
>>> someone here tell me what to do to get the battery monitor back?
>> The default kicker applet is  kde-guidance-powermanager (from the package
>> kde-guidance-powermanager).  That's not the battery applet that was
>> default in feisty, iirc, but seems to do the job for me.
> Derek,
> Thanks for the reply. I found the guidance-power-manager.py applet. When
> I try to start it I get errors.
> rick at rick-laptop:~$ guidance-power-manager
> rick at rick-laptop:~$ No battery found.
> No AC adapter found - assume that we are on batteries.
> Warning: While setting SystemPowerManagement to  True :
> org.freedesktop.Hal.Device.SystemPowerManagement.NotSupported: No
> powersave method found
> No AC adapter found - assume that we are on batteries.
> Running this does give me the battery icon in task bar, but that icon
> only shows my cpu frequency. Something's broken or something is still
> missing. Any suggestions?

I think guidance-power-manager is the gnome applet.  What you want to run is
definitely kde-guidance-powermanager.

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