KDE4 or stay with KDE3

Valter Mura valtermura at gmail.com
Mon Apr 21 19:43:40 UTC 2008

Il lunedì 21 aprile 2008 21:32:05 Francisco Borges ha scritto:

> > just asking the group, should I stay with KDE3, or move on to the KDE4...
> >  8.04
> >
> >  Still heard some bugs in KDE4 about crashing...on the RC release.
> FWIW, I am staying with KDE 3.

Same for me here.

> There are configuration options I use that are not present in KDE4.
> KDE4 apps also lack functionality that make use of.

I've tried the live CD and had problems with my system. Presently KDE3 is 
working quite well for me.

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