Directory traversing file converter script?

Jonas Norlander jonorland at
Sun Apr 20 21:23:34 UTC 2008

2008/4/20 David Fletcher <kubuntu-users at>:
> Thanks for the suggestion, but I was thinking more along the lines of a script
>  that can take care of everything for itself.
>  Anyway, I've been working on my bash scripting over the last couple of days.
>  Can't say I'm actually good at it yet, but I've now got something that's a
>  bit rough but can convert a directory tree of png images into correctly sized
>  jpg images for my wife's digital photo frame.
>  Ultimately, I'm aiming for something that's a generalised converter that can
>  convert png files to jpg for the digital photo frame, or flac files into
>  either ogg files for my iriver, or mp3 files.
>  Dave


Have you tried Krename? You can set it up to run other commands for every file
renamed. Perhaps that can be used to do the converting of your files? You can
save profiles and load them at start see "krename --help-all". Worth a
try i think.

/ Jonas

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