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Sun Apr 20 19:27:10 UTC 2008

I have done that but a fresh install also means that you have to re-install all
your non-standard programs. I run programs like popfile which require special
setup so I will have to go through system and note down all the stuff that is
non standard. 
Such is life ....
Quoting Chen Liang <chen.liang at student.dit.ie>:

> There is something I read on the internet. You can put the /home path
> into a
> separated partition, therefore, even you do a clean install, you still
> have
> all the files safely stored on your hard drive. It just make things
> more
> flexible.
> Regards
> CL
> -- 
> Name: Chen Liang
> Course: DT228/4
> Collage Address: Kevin street
> E-mail (collage): chen.liang at student.dit.ie

Ron Wilson

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