before next week ?

Girard Henri girardhenri at
Sun Apr 20 11:18:23 UTC 2008

C+A+L is the way i kill it but it restart
i can't use c+a+f2 i mean it doesn't come back to the console
I use xpress 1200 ATI  intel dual core and I set it with envy otherwise i 
can't get composite working
(by the way there is another problem : when i set bespin style the first 
time it works but after systemsettings crashes)
so i must delete kde4 dir to set it again
with gutsy no problem... only hardy does it... it started from early hardy 
kde4 as i used to work with it

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> Girard Henri wrote:
>> when i updated to hardy or from a fresh install I can't come back to
>> kdm when working on kde or kde4 i got a black greyish screen and the
>> only way to start again is reboot... very annoying !
> Probably a reboot is a bit overkill. Ctrl-Alt-Backspace should do the
> trick as well - it will restart the X server. Can you tell us a bit more
> about your machine? What graphics card does it use? And you could search
> at <> if your problem is a known issue.
> Sometimes there are workarounds mentioned with the bug reports.
> Nils
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