Text copy impossible in kpdf

Charles Trois charles.trois at orange.fr
Sun Apr 20 10:52:30 UTC 2008

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>>> > > Is it a copy protected PDF? (silly question but worth a shot)
>> > Not so silly: you are quite right. I was not aware of that possibility,
>> > and that's just what happened to me. On ordinary files, kpdf works
>> > perfectly.
> Isn't that a *tiny* bit DRM(ish) ? Just wondering, not sure I savvy DRM 
> really.
The document is a tutorial and bears a copyright notice. pdfinfo reveals 
that printing, copying and any changes are forbidden. This appears as a 
way to enforce the copyright, perhaps a crude form of DRM.
> Also, perhaps you can try "pdftotext" on a konsole:
> pdftotext yourpdf somefile
> Should let you open somefile as text and copy from it.
Yes indeed! Another good tip. Thanks.


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