Hardy Heron

Nils Kassube kassube at gmx.net
Sun Apr 20 04:37:56 UTC 2008

Ron Wilson wrote:
> I am looking forward to Hardy's release next week. What is the
> consensus on installing is it better to do a new install or to try an
> upgrade.

I think that depends on your preference. If you want to start everything 
from scratch, a fresh install is better. If you want to preserve as much 
as possible, an upgrade is better.

> I lean to a clean install as I have never tried an upgrade in 
> past. 

You will always say that, if you never try an upgrade :)

> However that does mean that I need a install disk and it might 
> take a while before the downlaods become available.

Well, if you desperately want the final version installed within minutes 
after release, an upgrade might be faster. OTOH, it doesn't take weeks 
until CD images are available from your favourite mirrors - more 
something like a few hours.

> What are others going to do.

I will upgrade my main machine after the final release - the other 
machines are already upgraded to 8.04 (beta / rc). I don't like to redo 
all the settings and find out what packages I want installed beyond the 
default packages.


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