VENT - Ticked with Kubuntu

Billie Walsh bilwalsh at
Fri Apr 18 16:24:46 UTC 2008

Michael Leone wrote:
> On Fri, Apr 18, 2008 at 9:36 AM, Phil Pinkerton <pcpinkerton at> wrote:
>> Yes and as XP phases out into the Blue Screen of Death and your forced into
>> Vista at what cost ?
> You're not "forced" into Vista on existing hardware, any more than you
> are forced into hardy, if you're currently running gibbon. Nor are you
> "forced" into Vista, if you own your own (retail) copy of XP. You just
> delete what the manufacturer put on there, and install what you want.
> Exactly as many Linux users do. Granted, most people don't own retail
> copies of XP, but just because they don't, doesn't mean they can't.
> I can't remember the last time I saw a blue screen on XP, and we run
> all Windows at work (2000 and XP on workstations), and we have over
> 1,000 users. XP is pretty stable; that's why there's a petition to
> have MS keep selling it beyond the planned retirement in June.

I've got an OLD 386 laptop under my desk that runs DOS 6.22 and Windows 
3 just fine. I was never "forced" to upgrade it to anything else. In 
most cases old software/computers will function for years unless 
something drastic happens. Just because it's no longer supported doesn't 
mean much, other than you can't get updates for it any longer. If the 
system is working and stable it just keeps working.

Life is what happens while your busy making other plans.

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