Directory traversing file converter script?

David Fletcher kubuntu-users at
Fri Apr 18 16:59:06 UTC 2008

I've done a little bit of bash scripting, to do nightly and weekly backups of 
a subversion server, and convert a directory of files from, say, png format 
at the full resolution of my camera to jpg files for printing at the shop as 
8x6 inches @ 300dpi.

What I would like now, is a script that works a little bit like rsync, in that 
it can traverse a complete directory tree and detect new files, except that 
I'd like to have it create a duplicate directory tree, with the files 
converted to a different format.

For example, two applications I would like to implement are:-
1) Rip my audio CDs to flac format and have the computer automatically 
duplicate the flac directories, but with the files converted to ogg

2) Have selections of digital photographs in png format converted to jpg for a 
digital photo frame, in a duplicated directory structure.

Does anybody know of such a script that I could adapt/build upon?

I have found one called flac2ogg but I don't know any python.


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