Text copy impossible in kpdf

Anton Rolls anton at wilddsl.net.au
Fri Apr 18 14:04:06 UTC 2008


Nils Kassube wrote:
> Charles Trois wrote:
>> I have just met a small problem: when I drag the mouse to select some
>> text in kpdf, the option "copy as text to the clipboard" in the
>> contextual menu is not enabled, so that the operation is impossible.
> The pdf file might be composed as a picture of the text. Then you can't 
> copy it as text because there is no text. Sometimes you can see the 
> pixels of that picture if you magnify the view to 800% or more. However I 
> don't know if that is possible with kpdf - usually I use the Adobe reader 
> for pdf files.
> Nils

It would be good if an "OCR to clipboard" option popped up there.


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