Q: creating good-quality PDFs from scans?

D. R. Evans doc.evans at gmail.com
Thu Apr 17 20:58:05 UTC 2008

D. R. Evans said the following at 04/17/2008 02:30 PM :
> I've installed gscan2pdf, and when I try to use it I get the remarkably
> unhelpful:
>   Unknown message: scanimage: attempted to set inactive option threshold
> Googling around, I can't even find out what the message means, never mind
> how to fix it. Does anyone have any idea what's wrong?

It seems like gscan2pdf doesn't notice if the scanner is turned on after
the program is running; it appears (from experiment) that it has to be
turned on BEFORE starting gscan2pdf.

If I do that, then gscan2pdf seems to work very well. So thanks very much
to those who pointed it out.


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