the newest Flash

Constantinos Maltezos pandarsson at
Thu Apr 17 10:30:02 UTC 2008

Well, after a recent update, nspluginviewer now crashes when Konqueror tries 
to view a web page that contains Flash content.  I do know that a new Flash 
was part of the update.  After a quick search, I found someone that said the 
latest Flash for Linux doesn't work in any browser not based on the gecko 
engine.  This is very disappointing, however I wonder if it's truly the case 
as I've heard no one ask about it here.  Has anyone had my problem and 
resolved it?  I must point out that Flash does work fine in Firefox.

If this really is a problem, I probably just have to wait until a patch is 
made for Konqueror to fix Adobe's mistake and in the mean time use Firefox 
when I need it.

And another thing, I am pretty darn sick and tired of going through my 
filesystem after an update and deleting all the instances of that appear in all my plugin directories.  Flash 
never works in either browser while these stupid things are around.  And I 
tried to find out what package they belong to with dpkg -S, but apparently 
they belong to no package.  What the heck is going on with that?  I notice a 
flash installer on my system in /var/cache/flashplugin-nonfree - is that 
installed by the package for Flash and then run during the configuration?  
Might that be putting these stupid files on my system?  If there's any way I 
can stop it from doing so, I'd love to find out how.

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