how to force FF to use realplayer?

D. R. Evans doc.evans at
Wed Apr 16 15:12:41 UTC 2008

So today is the first day of cricket season in England :-)

Which means that I want to be able to listen to the BBC local radio
stations that carry commentary. Last year this worked fine under 64-bit
dapper, but this year I'm on gutsy 64-bit. It started promisingly: up
popped the mplayer plugin, ans started playing...

...but I have had several FF freezes in the past hour, which, since FF is
usually capable of running for at least a day or two without crashing, seem
to have been caused by the plug-in.

So I figured I ought to try using realplayer instead (which is what I used
last year). But nothing I do seems to change FF's behaviour: it always
brings up the mplayer plug-in, and when I tell it to use a standalone
player, it still uses mplayer.

In particular, in Konq I changed the file association so that
audio/x-pn-realaudio (which is the MIME type of the files used by the BBC)
is associated with realplayer, but there was no effect at all. I tried a
few other things too, but nothing seemed to make any difference. So does
anyone know how to force FF to use realplayer on BBC audio?


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