Several folder is locked

Jonas Norlander jonorland at
Mon Apr 14 09:49:53 UTC 2008

2008/4/14 Constantinos Maltezos <pandarsson at>:
> On Sunday 13 April 2008 12:28:18 cherryfinals wrote:
>  > How do I load Konquerer in admin/root mode so I can blow away all the
>  > locked permissions in my graphic folders?
>  >
>  > BTW - These folders were not locked and I just copied other images into
>  > them less than a month ago.
>  If the folders were *not* locked prior to now, it makes me want to assume that
>  they are normal folders in your home folder.  If this is the case, using
>  Konqueror in superuser mode will only exacerbate the problem because the more
>  you use it to move files around and create directories, the more you will
>  have to use it to do anything.  Because when you move a file, create a file
>  or create a directory in Konqueror in superuser mode, it creates with owner
>  and group permissions for "root".  If I am correct that A) these folders
>  should belong to your username and B) that they exist under your home
>  directory and C) that they're part of a native Linux filesystem, then the
>  following is a better solution:
>  Open Dolphin and navigate to the folder *containing* the folders to which you
>  do not have access.  Press F4 (you could also click on the right where it
>  says "Open Terminal Here", but the one thing that annoys me about that is
>  that if I accidentally run my mouse over another folder, it'll open Konsole
>  there).  When Konsole starts, use your username (let's say it's bob) and
>  type:
>  sudo chgrp -R bob *
>  and
>  sudo chmod -R bob *

Or to do that with just one command do "sudo chown -R bob:bob
/home/bob" to change
owner and group of all files and directories in bobs home directory.


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