Downloaded .deb safe?

Willy Hamra w.hamra1987 at
Mon Apr 14 06:06:09 UTC 2008

i find it impractical to read the source code of every program we get,
i mean, let's just say i want openoffice, that is basically tons of
source code to read!
as mentioned earlier, signed packages from official repos can always
be trusted, if the package comes from third party, you can check
forums, surely there is a group of people who like the program and are
discussing it somewhere. if the program is getting some good
testimonies, then it has probably been tested by some people. Usually
instinct is a good thing in these decisions :P

On 4/13/08, Michael Leone <turgon at> wrote:
> Martin Laberge wrote:
> > Unless you read all the source, understand it, and compile
> > it yourself, with a compiler that you trust (compiled by you)
> > it is absolutely impossible to be sure of the program
> > you install.
> >
> > BUT, no-one is able to read all the source code of all the
> > parts of all the programs who compose a system.
> >
> > You are left with the possibility to trust someone, and do not
> > trust others.
> >
> > At least in linux you have this possibility, to random check a
> > couple of programs, if you wish. With other systems (Win, Mac,...)
> > you do not have that possibility, and you are left with
> > trust, (or distrust).
> Not exclusively; there are many open source programs for the Win
> platform, as well. OpenOffice, GiMP, all the GNU utilities are available
> for Windows (I know, I use them in my scripts, sometimes). So it's not
> *impossible*, but it is vastly harder.
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