Several folder is locked

Constantinos Maltezos pandarsson at
Mon Apr 14 06:00:08 UTC 2008

On Sunday 13 April 2008 12:28:18 cherryfinals wrote:
> How do I load Konquerer in admin/root mode so I can blow away all the
> locked permissions in my graphic folders?
> BTW - These folders were not locked and I just copied other images into
> them less than a month ago.

If the folders were *not* locked prior to now, it makes me want to assume that 
they are normal folders in your home folder.  If this is the case, using 
Konqueror in superuser mode will only exacerbate the problem because the more 
you use it to move files around and create directories, the more you will 
have to use it to do anything.  Because when you move a file, create a file 
or create a directory in Konqueror in superuser mode, it creates with owner 
and group permissions for "root".  If I am correct that A) these folders 
should belong to your username and B) that they exist under your home 
directory and C) that they're part of a native Linux filesystem, then the 
following is a better solution:

Open Dolphin and navigate to the folder *containing* the folders to which you 
do not have access.  Press F4 (you could also click on the right where it 
says "Open Terminal Here", but the one thing that annoys me about that is 
that if I accidentally run my mouse over another folder, it'll open Konsole 
there).  When Konsole starts, use your username (let's say it's bob) and 

sudo chgrp -R bob *


sudo chmod -R bob *

Remember to replace "bob" with your username.

I hate giving non-GUI instructions these days, but I poked and prodded around 
Dolphin and Konqueror and couldn't figure out a GUI way to change user and 
group permissions.  (That's probably just me.)

Anyway, if any of the three assumptions I mentioned earlier are untrue, please 
ignore this.

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