Sleep problems Inspiron E1505

John Hubbard ender8282 at
Sun Apr 13 18:28:49 UTC 2008

Dotan Cohen wrote:
> On 13/04/2008, John Hubbard <ender8282 at> wrote:
>> Does anyone know how to get the sleep/hibernate to work properly on a
>>  dell Inspiron E1505 notebook?
>>  I originally installed dapper 6.10 and since I have upgraded to Edgy,
>>  Eeisty, and then Gutsy.  I believe that when I first installed dapper
>>  sleep/hibernate worked out of the box.  A few days ago I installed
>>  reformatted, killed my windows partition and installed the Hardy (8.04)
>>  beta.  Now when I try to sleep or hibernate it kicks me out of KDE, into
>>  a text screen with messages like:
>>  Syncing filesystes ... done.
>>  Freezing user space processes ... (elapsed 0.00 seconds) done.
>>  Freezing remaining freezable tasks ... (elapsed 0.00 seconds) done.
>>  PM: Preparing system for mem sleep
>>  Suspending console(s)
>>  At this point I can switch between consoles, tty1, tty2, ... but I
>>  cannot log into any of those consoles (typing a username has no
>>  effect).  It just sits at this  screen until I do a hard reset.  I don't
>>  really know how to go about troubleshooting the problem.  If anyone can
>>  help my troubleshoot or knows of a forum post or something with the
>>  solution I would really appreciate it.
>>  Other than sleep problems almost everything else seems to work flawlessly.
>>  Thanks in advance.
> Do you have the ATI X1400 video card? Are you using the proprietary
> driver? If you answered yes to both questions, then sleep will not
> work for you. It's in the 7.10 release notes. I have the same notebook
> and I'm still on Feisty for that reason.
$ lspci
00:02.1 Display controller: Intel Corporation Mobile 945GM/GMS/GME, 
943/940GML Express Integrated Graphics Controller (rev 03)

I don't remember checking the enhanced graphics option when I ordered 
the laptop.  Every time before this I have had to install the 
915resolution package.  This time things worked without installing it.  
I think that I did try to install it later.

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