HELP! KDE task/menu bar disappeared and I can't get it back!

Dario Figueira wurmdario at
Sat Apr 12 10:30:13 UTC 2008

Hello all, this threads title says it all.

Although my problem isn't the the auto-hide bug,
I was trying to remove a package with Adept Package Manager (i can't exactly
recall what, maybe GSL or Glib) because the package provided was of an older
version and i needed the newest, which i had already downloaded.
But in the middle of it, it stopped, when i asked to "show details" a little
window explaining that usually when removing or updating ... KDE closed all
sessions (maybe), but he wasn't able to close 1 of them, YES or NO to close
that session.
But i couldn't click Yes or No, or do anything about it.
So i tried closing Adept; Everything exploded and i rebooted.

Now i have no TaskBar and no Konkeror..

The command "kicker" is not recognized so
dcop kicker kicker showTaskBarConfig
doesn't do anything for me
Also when i shut down, "kdevelop3 crashed and caused the signal 11
Also Also "sudo apt-get install ..." doesn't work in recovery mode because
it seems he can't acess the internet, and so can't download stuff, he says " can't be resolved" (i have internet by the Network, by a
cable :P lol)

How do i reinstall what seems to be lacking? (i've tought about reinstalling
Kubunto but was afraid of losing everything else installed, it took me the
better part of 3 days to get everything up and running [YARP, Ace, OpenCV,
GTk+, ...])

Thank you so much for your time

Dario Figueira
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