Some questions regarding Kubuntu Hardy on a Thinkpad X61s

Nils n.bruenggel at
Fri Apr 11 10:01:58 UTC 2008

Hi all

I installed Kubuntu Alpha 5 on a X61s some time ago. It installed KDE
4 as the default desktop. Then I installed KDE 3 manually and use
since them KDE 3 as desktop environment (with a few KDE 4 apps)

Some things that made problems:

- The volume adjustment buttons work correct, but there is no visual
feedback. I could not figure out which package is responsible for the
visual feedback for these buttons, but maybe it's just not installed,
because I had to install KDE 3 manually.

- When connected to the dock and an external monitor, the function key
to switch the display is not working.

- I could not get the microphone of an analog headset working with
Skype. However audio output works.

Thanks in advance for comments and ideas how to fix this.

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