Create iso with k3b

Henning Carstens mail at
Thu Apr 10 08:33:50 UTC 2008


I want to create a iso image of a CD with k3b. Normally I clicked "Copy CD" 
and chose "Only create Image". But in the "Copy CD" dialog I cannot choose my 
DVD-Burner (which is my only CD/DVD drive) as a read device. 

Under Gentoo it was possible (cannot remember k3b version). Now I use Kubuntu 
8.04 beta with k3b 1.0.4.

There is no reading device shown in the Preferences dialog. My DVD burner is 
listed under "Burning devices". Is it possible to use the burner as a reading 
device? Adding the DVD burner manually a second time does not work ("no new 
deivce found")...

Any help is appreciated...


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