Strange behaviour in konsole

James Gray james at
Wed Apr 9 08:22:23 UTC 2008

Hi All,

I rebuilt my work machine a few weeks ago and try as I might I can't 
seem to iron out a small annoyance in Konsole.  When editing a file in 
Konsole with vi, the cursor (arrow) keys dump characters to the screen 
instead of actually moving the cursor.  However, this ONLY happens when 
in insert mode.  In command mode, the arrow keys work correctly.

For instance, in insert mode on the localhost in Konsole editing a text 
file, I hit the left arrow a few times and get the following:

B   <-- should be left arrow
B   <-- should be left arrow
B   <-- should be left arrow
A line of text

I pretty sure this is just some weird code-page/keyboard map or 
something, but I can't find the magic combination to make it go away. 
FWIW, this problem DOES NOT occur when SSH'ed into a different machine.



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