8.04 Beta hangs arbitrarily

Valter Mura valtermura at gmail.com
Wed Apr 9 20:27:04 UTC 2008

Il mercoledì 9 aprile 2008 10:54:07 Rosalind Mitchell ha scritto:
> I have been having quite a bit of trouble with my Hardy Beta Kubuntu
> installation, which hangs arbitrarily.  There's nothing I can do to recover
> from the hang as everything freezes up and I can't get access to a text
> session to restart nicely.  It's back to the button on the front of the
> box.
> I haven't had this trouble with previous versions of Kubuntu, so I assume
> it's something to do with the interaction of Hardy Beta with my AMD-64 box.
> Am I alone in having these problems?  And if not, is there a known way
> round them?

Same problems here, with a boot from cd version... the system hangs and I have 
to unplug my comp to shutdown and reboot

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