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No not at all. When the applets start up they each are  pointed at Tokyo, so
I just repointed them to Phoenix but I also know the local airport codes so
I will try that.

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> > I am trying to get a weather applet (either gnome or KDE) going on my
> system. When I start any of them up they
> > generate an unable to connect error. Is this an indication that I need
> to open another port in my firewall? Or
> > something else?
> In general, these applets require a station code - for instance, I live
> close to the Intercontinental Airport in Houston, and the code for that is
> KIAH.  There are websites that have lists for that sort of thing, but I am
> unable to check for one at the moment.
> If I'm telling you what you already know, please excuse me.
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