Rebooting while photos in print queue

Jonas Norlander jonorland at
Wed Apr 9 11:11:08 UTC 2008

2008/4/8 Tom Bell <cbell44 at>:
> I had some photographs I was printing from GIMP using GutenPrint and had
>  them minimized.  When an update ended I completely  forgot about the
>  printing in progress and selected "restart".  When I was back up, I had
>  lost all USB except for my keyboard (DAS) and my Logitech wireless USB
>  mouse.  I also could not get online.
>  I ended up using the live CD of Gutsy Gibbon Kubuntu 7.10, AMD64 and
>  found that I could get online and access my USB products.   I eventually
>  reloaded the OS and got everything back.
>  Why is there no way to test the integrity  of parts of the system and
>  allow recovery of the damaged/altered files???
>  Thank you!

On system using RPM packages you can verify all installed file against
a checksum
to see what files have been changed. Perhaps there is a similar function for deb
packages? I would try to read some documentation on the deb packages system to
see if there is such function and if post how on this list as i would
like to know that to.
Or perhaps there is some on the list that already has a answer?

/ Jonas

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