Questions about dolphin in KDE3 version of Hardy

Hong, ManBok deathymn at
Wed Apr 9 05:55:12 UTC 2008

Hi kubuntu users~

I now use the dolphin file manager of KDE3 in Hardy.
Even though I hardly ever find troubles using it, there's one thing that 
I feel uncomfortable.
I usually enjoy seeing files with the detailed view option. However, in 
that view mode, I can't adjust the field length of each item.
For instance, if the file name is tooooo long, since the length of the 
name field is fixed, the full file name cannot be viewed in the detailed 
view mode of dolphin.
When I installed KDE4, I found the size of the name field can be 
adjusted in the dolphin of KDE4.
Is there any option that enables to adjust the size of name field in the 
detailed view of dolphin in KDE3?

I appreciate your answers in advance...


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