Upgrade Issues

Richard Ibbotson richard.ibbotson at gmail.com
Tue Apr 8 17:55:45 UTC 2008


Was wondering wether someone could help with this ?  Kubuntu Gutsy 
Gibbon.  AMD64.

After installing my own workstation a few times I get the same result 
every time.  When I run the KDE upgrade from the net the following 
packages are installed.....

libkleopatra1 4:3.5.7enterprise20070926-0ubuntu2.1
karm 4:3.5.7enterprise20070926-0ubuntu2.1
libkpimidentities1 4:3.5.7enterprise20070926-0ubuntu2.1
kdepim-wizards 4:3.5.7enterprise20070926-0ubuntu2.1
kdepim-kio-plugins 4:3.5.7enterprise20070926-0ubuntu2.1
korganizer 4:3.5.7enterprise20070926-0ubuntu2.1
korganizer 4:3.5.7enterprise20070926-0ubuntu2.1
libkpimexchange1 4:3.5.7enterprise20070926-0ubuntu2.1
kontact 4:3.5.7enterprise20070926-0ubuntu2.1
kdebase-data 4:3.5.8-2ubuntu3~gutsy1~ppa1
libqt4-gui 4.3.2-0ubuntu3.2
kdepasswd 4:3.5.8-2ubuntu3~gutsy1~ppa1
khelpcenter 4:3.5.8-2ubuntu3~gutsy1~ppa1
kicker 4:3.5.8-2ubuntu3~gutsy1~ppa1

Can't understand why it's installing 3.5.7 packages into a 3.5.8 
system ?  After the upgrade KDE PIM dies and so does Kmail.  Will not 
start.  If it does start then Kmail will not send mail.  KDE begins 
to slowly die away and crash.  KDEbase shows error messages 
in .xsession-errors which point to a broken system.   Might be 
something to do with some of the KDE libraries that are installed 
after the upgrade.  I have to switch to Balsa to send and receive 
mail.  Also, when I reboot I can't login to KDE and GDM takes over as 
the window manager without me telling it to do that.  Tried changing 
permissions on my /home directory with no effect.  Only thing I 
haven't tried so far is to do 'dpkg --configure -a' after the upgrade 
to see if that will fix everything and allow me back into my KDE 

I've Googled for an answer and so far only found a reference to this 
back in 2006.  Looks like the bug has been reproduced in Gutsy AMD64 
without anyone noticing it.  Any way to fix this or get around it 
would be helpful.  



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