A note on Kubuntu 8.04 beta version (KDE4)

Valter Mura valtermura at gmail.com
Tue Apr 8 17:49:54 UTC 2008

Il martedì 8 aprile 2008 09:50:10 O. Sinclair ha scritto:

> >     I think the real question here is, what is the advantage to dolphin?
> >
> >
> > Really? I think the question is, why so much hate? No one forces you to
> > use Dolphin. And are any of you KDE developers? Is anyone here spending
> > their free time coding or writing patches to make this apps better? I'm
> > not. I'm a proud KDE user and I truly value the time and effort this
> > people put in everything they do for me. I love Dolphin, I really do. If
> > you don't like it, don't use it. Isn't that the beauty of free software?
> Agree totally. I don't like Dolphin and I don't use it - but others do.
> I fail to see the problem, it is not overly complicated to set Konqueror
> to be your default filemanager.

Hi All,

as far as I can see, a problem with Kubuntu 8.04 KDE4 beta has become a fight 
between Dolphin and Konqueror.
I said I had a problem opening a folder in Donlphin but I got also a freeze 
browsing in the Adept graphical program ("Add/Remove Programs" in "new" 
Kmenu, my system is in Italian, so I suppose this is the correct English 
So my question was: will my system be able to support the new Kubuntu version?

On the other hand, this is what I think about the Dolphin vs. Konqueror war:
I think Dolphin needs some improvement, such as a richer context menu (for 
example, the useful command move/copy a file with all the path reachable from 
it), but I also think that their effort is to "split" the file manager from 
the browser.
I don't know if it is for security reasons or for KDE internal organization 
and development (a team dedicated only to Dolphin). But please, not war: I'm 
sure Dolphin will become better and better in file managing, while Konqueror 
will be the best web browser in Kde for the future... ;-) ...so the "local" 
team has been divided from the "Internet" team...

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