A note on Kubuntu 8.04 beta version (KDE4)

Myriam Schweingruber schweingruber at pharma-traduction.ch
Tue Apr 8 16:45:02 UTC 2008

Hi all,

On 08/04/2008, Knapp <magick.crow at gmail.com> wrote:
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>  >  > >but what is supposed to be so great about it?  I have yet
>  >  > > to see one positive post about Dolphin.

ok, just my 2 cents then why I like Dolphin and why it is the default
filemanager in the upcomming KDE 4 (as far as I understood):

1. its fast and a pire filemanger, nothing else
2. it's not overcluttered with features like Konqueror
3. it has been totally made with Qt4, the default development base for KDE4

I run a Kubuntu Hardy beta with KDE 4.0.3 and I'm very happy with it,
it's way faster than my old KDE 3.5.9 used to be (running on a 3 year
old Acer TravelMate with only 512 MB RAM)
Konqueror is first of all a browser that evolved into an file manger
and then even more features were added, making it a huge piece of
software difficult to maintain and using a lot of memory. It's sort of
"the Emacs of KDE" ;-) (wink for those who cant see it!)

Understand me well, I don't dislike Konqueror at all, but I played
around a bit with Dolphin to get used to it and now I like it. If you
are still using KDE 3, it will be disapointing as many features just
dont work as they do in KDE 4, due to the new plasma environment.

And its normal for people to react hostile to new things ("we never
did this", " I prefer my old settings", etc.) call it a matter of
flexibility or just not willing to use new things.

But, for all those who switch to KDE 4, give it a try and don't
complain that it's new and shiny :) If you don't like it, stay with
your old habits and stay happy with it, nobody is forcing you to use
new things.

Only don't complain on a user list which this list is and no or close
to no developers read ever. If you have complaints, file a bug in KDE
(be precise and say exactly, what you don't like!) or address a mail
to a developers list or just ask the developpers why this new piece of
software is considered better/handier/whatever.



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