A note on Kubuntu 8.04 beta version (KDE4)

claydoh claydoh at midmaine.com
Tue Apr 8 15:05:16 UTC 2008

On Tue April 8 2008 10:25:45 am Martin Laberge wrote:
> On Tuesday 08 April 2008 10:00:40 claydoh wrote:
> > A lack of "user outcry for it" doesn't mean it is bad, just that those
> > who have no problems with it (ie it works fine for them), or actually
> > like it, are not necessarily as vocal as those who don't like it. And
> > generally speaking, people with negative experiences anywhere tend to be
> > much more vocal than those with positive ones.
> Is there someone in this room , using dolphin, who is able to
> describe to me (and all others), why YOU like dolphin, why is
> it better than konkeror, and what is your point of using it.
> Maybe we just don't understand the point to use it?
> If someone can argue FOR dolphin, i would like to hear it.
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> Martin Laberge
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1) It works. And is quite configurable, even if it doesn't look so from the 
relatively sparse settings. I use it (kde3's version BTW) to browse/write to 
samba shares, ssh connection, ftp to webservers, etc.

2) It does its job well - My wife, who seldom uses a file manger, generally, 
finds dolphin nicely laid out, with the important stuff right there, and the 
system stuff there, but not as prominent. She doesn't like tree views, split 
views, etc, she just wants to get to her stuff, and did so with Dolphin with 
ease. All without help from me after a clean install before I had the chance 
to tweak things to our liking.

3) I find it more efficient for file managing. For example I find the 
breadcrumb method quicker for me than arrows etc, and I generally *dislike*.  

but really, its not about Dolphin being Better, or Konqueror being Worse it is 
about  the decision to go with a particular app for general day to day use. 
Konqueror is still a *great* application! No one is trying to say that. I 
think that is part of the misperception.

Does *anyone* remember when Konqueror first became the Swiss-Army knife tool 
it is now, and the furor over it and kioslaves, of KDE/Konq going down the MS 
Explorer take-over-your-desktop comparisons? The this-is -the -death-of-KDE 
rants? Did that ever come to pass? nope. now much maligned Konq is the tried 
and true, while dolphin is the new and different, When something better than 
Dolphin comes around in KDE 6, the naysayers will cling to their beloved 
filemanager and cry over the change :), and a few die-hards will still pimp 
Krusader or Konqueror ;D I still use Konq often in a multiply-split view, one 
large pane for my website, and the right pane split horizontally into two, 
one for my local filesystem, the other for the remote website's filesystem

Clay Weber

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