A note on Kubuntu 8.04 beta version (KDE4)

Paul Lemmons paul at lemmons.name
Tue Apr 8 15:00:55 UTC 2008

Martin Laberge wrote:
> On Tuesday 08 April 2008 10:00:40 claydoh wrote:
>> A lack of "user outcry for it" doesn't mean it is bad, just that those who 
>> have no problems with it (ie it works fine for them), or actually like it, 
>> are not necessarily as vocal as those who don't like it. And generally 
>> speaking, people with negative experiences anywhere tend to be much more 
>> vocal than those with positive ones.
> Is there someone in this room , using dolphin, who is able to
> describe to me (and all others), why YOU like dolphin, why is
> it better than konkeror, and what is your point of using it.
> Maybe we just don't understand the point to use it?
> If someone can argue FOR dolphin, i would like to hear it.
You don't have to have a technical, logical, black and white reason for 
liking or disliking something. Sometimes you just do or don't. I like 
Dolphin just fine. Don't ask me _why_ I like it. I just do and prefer it 
over Konkeror.

It is kinda like broccoli and spinach. I like them both but I like 
broccoli better. I have no idea why and it would be pointless to argue 
the fact.

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