User Manager on Hardy

Nils Kassube kassube at
Tue Apr 8 09:52:11 UTC 2008

David Fletcher wrote:
> The fundamental thing that doesn't work for me is the System Settings
> -> User Management. I use the Administrator Mode button, but still
> the buttons for New, Modify and Delete user are greyed out. Can
> anybody else confirm this please?

I had the same problem some time ago, but I think it was caused by old 
config files somewhere in the directory ~/.kde (I did an upgrade from 
Dapper). I deleted that directory and started with a fresh KDE 
environment and the system settings also worked in administrator mode. 
But beware, if you delete that directory, you may loose your emails (and 
maybe other things which are important to you). You could try the 
command "kdesu systemsettings" (without quotes) if nothing else works.


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