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Mon Apr 7 14:36:43 UTC 2008

I did force a rescan and it didn't work.  Interesting suggestion.

I also deleted collection.db and collection_scan.files in ~/.kde/share/apps/amarok (while amarok was closed) and then allowed amarok to rescan.  No luck.  It's still avoiding the same files.

Did I delete the right database files?  Did I miss any?

>I hate the way Yahoo's web interface does email replies, so I've been holding off until I can use kmail again (long >story), but I have to make a comment here.  Sometimes when I update Amarok and sometimes for no reason at all, >the database (I use the default SQLite) become corrupt for me.  It's happened in multiple versions of Amarok.  >When this happens, either Amarok will crash when I open it or it will only show a part of my collection, however >much I rescan.  The only thing that fixes it when it happens is to delete the database by hand, via a terminal >program.  Then, when the database rebuilds, everything is fine.
>I haven't a clue as to whether this is what's going on with yours, but I thought I'd offer it up.
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>> Following my Brandenburg example, Easytag sees no difference between the
>> tags for the flac files on either CD (other than track name, of course),
>> yet one directory remains visible to Amarok and one is completely
>> invisible.
>Silly question: have you forced a re-scan of the collection?
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