Kernel -14 and -15 won't boot

Nils Kassube kassube at
Mon Apr 7 12:08:35 UTC 2008

Blue Rose wrote:
> I have tried Kubuntu 7.04 and 7.10 in the past year, but there was
> always something not working quite right, so I ended up back in
> winXP... 8.04 however works perfectly so far :-) just not those
> kernels.

OK, then I can understand why you prefer 8.04.

> In the previous kubuntu's I had trouble with my Ati card (the 
> much loved radeon 9250.. find problem thread on that one all over the
> (k)ubuntuforums..) But in 8.04 no prob yet, even direct rendering
> worked out of the box ^_^

I have one of those 9250 here as a spare part - good to know it is usable 
again :)


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