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Mon Apr 7 01:12:59 UTC 2008

Hi John,

It was me who posted here and on the NXTasy forum, I've replied to your 
posting at:

I'll get back to you ASAP about trying your steps on Kubuntu and using 
Puppy Linux on my EEE PC. The EEE is more portable and could be better 
for NXT work.


johnbinder at wrote:
> If there are any LEGO MINDSTORMS NXT users here could I engage you in 
> a conversation regarding the steps I outline at the link below?
> After performing the steps I describe and reboot your box, when you 
> plug in the NXT with it turned on do you see a /dev/legonxt-x-y device 
> show up?  I am running ubuntu 7.10.
> Can you try running the NeXTTool utility in the I posted in 
> the message following the one linked to above?  What happens when you 
> run it with -listbricks?
> John Hansen
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