Amarok can't see

D. R. Evans doc.evans at
Sun Apr 6 17:31:02 UTC 2008

Constantinos Maltezos said the following at 04/05/2008 06:38 PM :

> a comment here.  Sometimes when I update Amarok and sometimes for no
> reason at all, the database (I use the default SQLite) become corrupt
> for me.  It's happened in multiple versions of Amarok.  When this
> happens, either Amarok will crash when I open it or it will only show a
> part of my collection, however much I rescan.  The only thing that fixes
> it when it happens is to delete the database by hand, via a terminal
> program.  Then, when the database rebuilds, everything is fine.
> I haven't a clue as to whether this is what's going on with yours, but I
> thought I'd offer it up.

I agree that the database system used in amarok is horribly fragile,
especially if you ever move files around (weirdly, it stores the absolute
device information, so if you move your file hierarchy physically, even
while keeping them in the same place logically, the database will still get
confused). I now have a cron job that copies the database every day so that
I have a backup in case it gets screwed up (because one loses all the
ratings and play info if one does a complete build-from-scratch).

It's been about a year here since something unilaterally corrupted the
database and rendered amarok unusable; but I have seen a couple of
instances since then of upgrades messing it up.

It doesn't sound like that's the OP's problem, though. Through all the
several database weirdnesses I've experienced, I've never seen amarok be
unable to find files. If he's comfortable looking inside the database, that
would settle whether amarok really knows about the apparently-missing files.


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