installing tar.gz files

Asuka Langley hunkumori at
Sun Apr 6 14:01:49 UTC 2008

Silvia posted a very impressive howto. (The tar explanation is the best in
it.). I recommend the "CHECKINSTALL" application, what makes you a .deb from
source. With this, you can uninstall (or purge) your application more
easily. By the way, you can uninstall them by keeping the source then give
the following command in the source folder: sudo make uninstall.

I don't think this compiling is so difficult, or takes so much time. You can
use > ./configure && make && make install | if you have matter with time.
But beware. Source can easily demolish your stable system!

2008/4/3, k h <bballdude1888 at>:
>  Is there any program that i can use that will simplify intalling these
> compressed files?  I am a newbie, and i can't figure out how to install
> using kompile.  In fact, I don't even know how to get to Kompile.  I am
> running Kubuntu 7.10
> Thanks!
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