RAID on install?

Jay Chandler lists at
Fri Apr 4 23:59:51 UTC 2008

Howdy.  Downloaded the latest beta of Kubuntu[1], trying to figure out 
where on the alt boot CD the RAID options are.  I see LVM just fine, but 
I want the whole thing to exist on a LVM partition on top of a RAID1.

I know the Fedora installer has RAID options built into the partition 
manager, but I don't see somewhere to set that in Kubuntu-- am I missing 
something blindingly obvious? 

If so, is it possible to set up the RAID and install to it from the 
liveCD?  Pointers appreciated, a preliminary google didn't turn up much 
of interest...

[1] Running the beta isn't my first choice, but some things (like my 
SATA controller) aren't supported by the latest stable...

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