Hardy and KDE desktop

Sutter sutter at gmx.li
Thu Apr 3 19:58:12 UTC 2008

Hello list,

I have a strange problem when I login in a KDE session after reboot of 
my computer. I upgraded to hardy soon after the beta arrived. After that 
the icons of the kde splash screen were not visible. So I also installed 
the moodin engine. Yet the splash screen starts, turns white with the 
icons, go back to the image of the theme and after that starts the KDE 
But this is not the problem. When I first login after an reboot I only 
see the wallpaper of my desktop. I don't see KDE menu, the icons on the 
desktop and I'm also not able to run programs with Alt-F2 combination. 
The only solution is to kill the X session and login again. After that 
everything is fine and I can work without problems.
Has anybody a solution for this problem - maybe it depends on the moodin 
installation? My computer is a thinkpad and I'm running the latest 
nvidia driver from the repositories.

Kind regards

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