How to run fancontrol automatically? <solved>

Blue Rose bluerosemagic at
Thu Apr 3 15:36:44 UTC 2008

YAY it works now :-)
I reread the whole thread on the ubuntuforum once more.. turns out the 
there were specific instructions given, but I missed that whole section 
every time :P *oops*
Anyways.. I had to make a fancontrol file in init.d, had to paste some 
bin/bash script into it... make it executable en do the update-rc.d 
magic trick... so all the tips you guys gave me were in there :D

Thanks for the help guys.. I'll read more carefully next time ^_^


Donn wrote:
>> and I noticed that the other files all are shell scripts or so, while
>> fancontrol is a text file. (different icon and all)
> This might be the problem - you should have the 'magic' line:
> #!/bin/bash
> In the front of the file. This will signal that it's a shell script. These 
> days there is another shell called 'dash' but I am not sure how it's invoked. 
> Prob. #!/bin/dash, you can try that if it still won't work.
> I remember that as "Sha-bang bin bash" fwiw.
> \d

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