How to run fancontrol automatically?

Blue Rose bluerosemagic at
Thu Apr 3 15:04:23 UTC 2008

ok, I rebooted.. still nothing.
I checked the folders again (init.d)
and I noticed that the other files all are shell scripts or so, while 
fancontrol is a text file. (different icon and all)

btw this is the content of fancontrol:
FCFANS= hwmon1/device/pwm2=hwmon1/device/fan2_input
looks more like a config than a script to me, but what do I know :P

I made all this with the howto's in these forum posts:
(in case that might help)

so I removed fancontrol from init.d (it's still in /etc/) and I 
"update-rc fancontrol remove" the links.
Up for a fresh start then..


Blue Rose wrote:
> Thank you. I just tried the whole init.d and update-rc stuff.
> So I'll do a test reboot now :-)
> Linda
> Francisco Borges wrote:
>> On Thu, Apr 3, 2008 at 4:26 PM, Francisco Borges
>> <francisco.borges at> wrote:
>>>  >  I added the line /etc/fancontrol above the exit 0 in rc.local.
>>>  >  /etd/rc.local has owner root too, and permissions -rwxr-xr-x 
>>> (not sure
>>>  >  what all that means)
>>>  Read the manual entry for
>> Sorry, this should have been:
>> Read the manual for chmod to know what that is about.
>> Though that manual doesn't say much...
>> [...]
>> Roughly
>> x    means executable
>> w   means writable
>> r    means readable
>> This is repeated 3 times, the first are the permissions for the user
>> who own the file, the second for the "group" of file, and the third
>> for "everybody else".

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