installing tar.gz files

Jonas Norlander jonorland at
Thu Apr 3 12:49:13 UTC 2008

2008/4/3, Luís Silva <lacsilva at>:
> Hi!
>  I don't know any graphical tool that lets you do what you want. On the other
>  hand, what you want to do is pretty standard.
>  A tar.gz is a set of files that was first archived with tar and then
>  compressed with gzip. You will also often find tar.bz2. The difference being
>  the compression utility used, in this case bzip2. tar itself can handle them
>  both.
>  Here is how it goes:
>  1- Create a folder named BUILD in your /home/YourUserName (This is just to
>  keep your home tidy!)
>  2- move/copy the tar.gz into this folder
>  3- I suppose you have already used the command line before. If you did the
>  above in the command line just cd to the BUILD folder. If not, open a
>  terminal, type "cd" (without the ") (this is to make sure you are in your
>  home folder), type "cd BUILD".
>  4- Now you are in the BUILD folder, you are going to unzip and untar the file:
>    tar vxzf yourfile.tar.gz
>  The "v" is for verbose, the "x" is for extract, "z" is because you have a
>  gziped file (you should use "j" instead if you had a tar.bz2), and the "f" is
>  to say that the next word is going to be your file name.

Or you can just skip the z or j option and tar vill figure out what
kind of file it is.

/ Jonas

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