Wireless and the BCM43xx driver

Bill bmachia at wjm1a.com
Thu Apr 3 12:35:11 UTC 2008

I guess, I'm showing my age.  
A PCMCIA card is now called a PC Card for a Notebook/Laptop.  An example of
a PCMCIA card would be my Linksys WPC54G, the problem child that uses
BCM48xx drivers and started this conversation.

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On Wednesday 02 April 2008 06:12:28 pm Bill wrote:
> I'm not saying I'm going to follow through on this;
> But, has any survey been made to determine the easiest and most reliable
> underline and put in bold most reliable) PCMCIA Network Notebook card for
> Hardy?
> If it comes to a $20 investment (on eBay), I  might take the plunge for a
> better PCMCIA Network Card (802.11G)

Tough question, my field of vision is too limited to know what might be out 
there to answer it.  PCMCIA?  I am assuming that you are working with older 
hardware?  Do you have USB port?  May find more hardware possibilities in 
that direction.


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