Wireless and the BCM43xx driver

Bill bill at wjm1a.com
Wed Apr 2 23:17:11 UTC 2008

Thanks Larry & Jon, For your responses.

Larry, you are right about Hardy automatically deciding on the BCM43xx (air
Force One).  I know I never installed this driver.  

I did use the ndiswrapper with bcmwml5.inf back with Gusty.

But my Hardy readings say, (because of all the troubles) the powers that be
had depreciated the bcm43xx & bcmwml5 for a b43 or b43legency solution.  I
even read one solution that said to install both the b43 and the b43legency
drivers and the OS would decide for itself which one to use.

Anyway, I would really like to just remove the bcm43xx (air force one) stuff
before adding the b43/b43legency solution.

Curiously, when I tried; rmmod BCM43xx or rmmod BCM4318; The response is
ERROR: Module BCM4318 does not exist in /proc/modules

OK, so why is it showing with a 'lshw -class network' command?

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On Wednesday 02 April 2008 03:03:32 am Jon Aquilina wrote:
> im surpised hardy didnt automatically detect the restricted driver and
> asked u which ones to enable. for me it does on my old laptop even my
> restricted video card driver
Oh it recognizes the hardware properly, and as a result it does install the 
appropriate BCM43xx reversed-engineered driver.  However, a large number of 
people (me included) are unable to get the reverse-engineered driver to work

on BCM4318 Air Force One.  This isn't for lack of trying.  The post I linked

to has hundreds (possibly thousands) of people troubleshooting various 
hardware configurations with this wifi card.  That is why we have opted for 
ndiswrapper used in the how-to.

It is also known that ndiswrapper found in the hardy repositories is a
to old for this wifi to work, hence the additional instructions to download 
and install the latest version from the project homepage.  

Uggh.  It doesn't seem as though Broadcomm is gonna release proprietary 
drivers for Linux yet a while, so for those of us who do not wish to spend 
time/money to switch hardware are stuck in the dark ages.....at least ATI is



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