Wireless and the BCM43xx driver

Larry Hartman larryhartman50 at vzavenue.net
Wed Apr 2 04:27:50 UTC 2008


> product: BCM4318 [AirForce One 54g] 802.11g Wireless LAN Controller
> vendor: Broadcom Corporation


> But its BCM4318, under *-network UNCLAIMED that has me confused.


BCM4318 Air Force One is one of the most notorious wifi cards for linux.  I 
have one on my laptop, HP dv8000.  The first time I installed ubuntu (Dapper) 
it took me days to get the wireless to work.  The later versions have cut 
this down to about 30 minutes.   I guess major trailblazing is now 
accomplished for this hardware.  Some have managed to get encryption to work, 
others have not.  I also recommend using wicd network manager as it seems to 
facilitate the BCM318 better than the default network manager that is 
packaged with (k)ubuntu.

Here is the ubuntu forums how-to: it includes instructions for removing the 
bcm driver reff'd in original email.


Hope this helps.


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