very strange kde4

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I got so fed up with XP that I installed Linux.  Then I got so fed up with Linux that I tried to install DOS.  DOS didn't work, so I got fed up and installed XP, installed Linux in a virtual machine, then installed a C64 emulator in Linux.  I'm actually writing this in Commodore BASIC.

Just kidding.  Anyway, enjoy the Pinto you traded for the Prius.  I'll stick to the Prius, thank you.

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>I just installed kde4 hardy and was very suprised with the ugly decoration
> Is there a way of taking it away ?
> it looks like white ribbons ?
> I don't understand why kde4 is such horrible ?

I got so fed up with Linux alltogether after 12 years I installed XP! I'm
actually writing this from XP.

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