Upgrading my motherboard & processor

D. Michael McIntyre michael.mcintyre at rosegardenmusic.com
Thu Sep 27 03:03:37 UTC 2007

On Sunday 23 September 2007, Laurent Asorne wrote:

> Hi there! I'd like to upgrade my motherboard & processor. Actually I have
> an old AMD K7 800MHz on some simple motherboard (don't know the specs of
> it...) and I'd like to order an AMD Athlon64 x2 3800+ (2x 2000 MHz) w/2x
> 512 KB Cache and an ASROCK AM2NF3-VSTA Mainboard SO.AM2 (that's what the
> catalogue says...). It has an nVidia nForce3 250 Chipset with onboard LAN
> and onboard sound. Is there anybody out there with some experience of this
> material and Kubuntu 7.04? What do I have to do in order to emigrate safely
> ?

Leaving out the physical hardware issues, and I'm not sure if you can perform 
that upgrade without also pulling in a new power supply, your biggest problem 
getting up and running is going to be the difference between whatever you use 
for video now, and what you're moving to.  If you already use some kind of 
NVIDIA, you can probably just boot it and go.  The kernel/startup scripts 
automatically adjust to whatever is in the box for the most part, so it's no 
different from moving your hard drive to a different computer.  The big and 
immediate deal breaker is usually video, like you had ATI or i810 before, and 
now you have NVIDIA, and your X server will be busted until you fix it from 
the command line.
D. Michael McIntyre 

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